"Local Music. Connected." is the CYY feature that higlights a local band each month on-air and on WCYY.com

This month's artist is KGFREEZE who will be playing a show at Asylum on May 10th. Enter here to win tickets and then read on for more about KGFREEZE.


KGFREEZE is the solo project of Kyle Gervais (ShaShaSha, Cosades, Grand Hotel). Finding a happy medium between R&B, dance and good ol' rock 'n' roll, KGFREEZE is at once familiar and completely foreign.

The debut record, SOCIOPATH, was recorded in December 2012 at Shabbey Load by Dominic Lavoie and released in the spring of 2013. Videos have been made for the songs, "Can't Get My Mind Off of You", "Razzle Dazzle" and "Dancing". On this particular record, Kyle Gervais performs everything except for the drums, which are handled by Derek Gierhan (Endless Jags, Bully Mammoth, Haru Bangs).


Live, Gervais and Gierhan are joined by a team of Southern Maine's best musicians including TJ Metcalfe (Cosades, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper), Miek Rodrigue (Holy Boys Danger Club), Ian Riley (Dead Man's Clothes, Spencer) and Dan Harris (Spaniards).

Recently, the group, as well as a number of friends and collaborators, spent the latter half of 2013 at The Studio in Portland, Maine with producer Adam Jackson recording VOLUNTEER, a collection of songs that are unquestionably the best thing Gervais has ever released.

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