A local Portland band called Jargon Party released their song "Surf Rock Anthem Number 7" and shot the video for it surrounded by vintage arcade and pinball machines at Arcadia National Bar on Preble Street.

The video features band members Zach Lewis, Eric Schnare, Dustin Graham, and Jake Erskine.

One by one each band member walks away from playing their instruments to play a game. Jake stops drumming to play Bad Cats pinball, Dustin walks away to play Wrestlemania 2000 on N64, Eric plays Mortal Kombat, and lead singer Zach gets into an epic battle of The Settlers of Catan with Arcadia owner Dave Aceto.

Jake by the way makes a very unnecessary tilt on Bad Cats, but hey....acting!

Learn more about Jargon Party and stop into Arcadia sometime and you might see some of the band members hanging out. Check out some behind the scenes photos of the shooting of the video on Jargon Party's Facebook page.