A lot of you will remember the band Even All Out, especially if you've been listening to CYY since at least 2003. They were a band formed out of high school buddies. They got our attention with some of their songs and began making some noise around town. After a couple weeks of CYY playing the song "Written It Off", it would become most requested on the Top 5 at 5, and stay there for quite some time.

Billy has been playing guitar for New Yorker Ingrid Michaelson, who has ties here in Maine. She's had multiple television appearances recently, promoting her new album "Lights Out", which dropped yesterday. Last Tuesday Billy (to my knowledge) made his late-night TV debut. What better place to do it than Conan! Check out the performance below of the catchy new single "Girls Chase Boys." Billy is right there on the left.

Yesterday, Billy found himself back on TV but this time on the other side of the clock on the Today Show. He performed alongside Ingrid Michaelson once again.