Every now and then I'd like to you back not only to the stages in Maine but all around the world to catch our own bands doing their thing. 

So a normal occurrence for me like so many I'm sure is getting caught up in the black hole that is You Tube. You know the deal; you head there to see some hip new movie trailer or music video and you end up watching some celebrity bowling tournament featuring Paul Newman, Dabney Coleman, Gladys Knight and Joan Rivers. It happens. Surely it will happen again and again and you know what, I don't mind one bit.

Recently, I searched for a live local music performance and one thing lead to another and then there goers 3 hours of my life. Well spent though. During that time, I was thinking of all the great live stuff from our own bands in Maine that live out there that we should unearth now and then. So, this is my start to showing you some killer stuff I found. I'll be back with more soon!

Enjoy and like always with our local bands, if you like SHARE IT!


LOST ON LIFTOFF - "Don't Change" (inxs) 2006 WCYY Spinout Show @ Big Easy


CAMBIATA - "Purple" - 2006 WCYY Spinout Show @ Big Easy


GOUDS THUMB "Together" 1998 @ Asylum


THE LEFTOVERS "Dance with Me" & "Party Til We Die" 2009 Valencia Spain


COLEPITZ live 1999 @ Asylum