After buying a plastic camel at a yard sale years ago, a Maine woman is hoping to find it's "rightful" home.


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According to the Sun-Journal, a woman from Jay, Maine is looking for the public's assistance in finding the "real" and "rightful" home for the fake, plastic camel she purchased at a yard sale several years ago.

Check out photos of the actual camel courtesy of the Sun-Journal here.

The woman's name is Peggy Sheaff, and after hearing from several people that some plastic camels had been stolen from nativity scenes over the past few years, Sheaff decided that perhaps her yard sale find had a more significant purpose.

She purchased the camel as a local yard sale because she initially believed it may have part of an advertising campaign for the cigarette brand Camel decades ago. After closer inspection, Sheaff determined that wasn't the case and is now hoping to find the rightful owner for her camel.

Sheaff is hoping that the camel can once again be used in a nativity scene with the rest of its counterparts for the holidays. The Sun-Journal is asking that if you have any additional information on the origin or "home" for this camel, contact them at 207-689-2849.