I guess what I'd like to do in this "Suggestion" post series is provide a smart option that might lead to not only a better life for many, but it might lead to actually continuing to live.. in general.

Over the weekend someone drove by me in a really busy area. This person had the handheld cellphone going on and was clueless to the world around them. I mean, atomic bomb a block away and not realizing it clueless. It lasted a whole 5 seconds, their passing by, but it felt like 14 minutes. Just seeing that blank look on their face while they focused on that super important call while the rest of us passed by, luckily.  

Let me first start off by saying I am still guilty of still doing this, just a little. I'm much better these days, but now and then I'll text something quick or hold the phone up while I drive. I think I've cut that foolish usage down maybe 90% these days, which is great, but not enough lets face it.

That 90% though is 90% more than most people isn't it? Get in your car and drive for a mile or two. I'll bet almost half of the cars you see will contain someone texting or using the phone handheld style. Whats worse is when someones doing it in a crazy busy location like Forest or Brighton Ave in Portland or zipping up 295, cause you know, that road isn't already dangerous enough.

In NY and other places its a flat out, screw you if you don't like it law... no hand held cellphones. None. Thats how many million people?? Why isn't it a law everywhere? And who the hell is stopping this from not being a law. I don't see the down side here folks, I'm sorry. I don't want more laws either but this one... I think we all can agree on.

According to website www.textinganddrivingsafety.com 77% of young adults are very or somewhat confident they can safely text while driving. Well friends, I'm here to cleary state that I'm 100% confident that 100% of young adults can't safely drive whilst texting.

Now I don't think we can reach everyone with these intelligent suggestions. Like our rocket scientist friend Paris (seen above), I don't think she'll ever see the light, but I do think we can easily reach the most basic competent people out there.

You CAN use your phone in the car. You CAN talk to Siri and get info in your car. You CAN Facetime in your car. Here's how you can do that stuff...

Simple! Whats wrong with that? $10-15 tops! Lock your toy in there, fire it up and start up your ride! You can talk to your boyfriend or mom or dispute your cable bill all while keeping your hands at a safe 10 and 2! (Or at least at 2 for some of us) What I can't understand is how people can argue this option. Whats wrong? Its not cool? Dying isn't cool. Killing people cause you have to talk to your homies about how far you got with that girl at the club the other night, thats not cool. This is a surefire way to get somewhere safe and STILL talk about your lame pick up lines.

Hey (thanks to Getty Images minor selections for earbud pictures) look at Nascar star Greg Biffle! He has the right idea! Way to go Biff! EARBUDS! You're talking like $10 tops with a microphone. What the hells wrong with earbuds people? Not cool again? Makes you look like a sports agent or something? Or.. can you barely see it? I think the later myself. Its barely noticable and regardless, who cares!? Phones out of the way, conversation happens and safe driving commences! Just keep it under 175mph peoples. Greg is a professional.

Are we still worried about looking corny? Really? In 2014, really? Do you allow superficial visions override your safety? Are you that insecure that you'll challenege your life and the lives of others so don't look silly? Or are you just lazy? That extra 3 seconds, THREE SECONDS it takes to pop in the earbud is worth it. Trust me. 

I know, I know... this stuff is jammed down peoples throats all day everyday. Guess what though, doesn't seem to be working enough. I think the best way to make it a part of your habits is realize YOU CAN talk on the phone and drive. Just do it this way! Holder, earbuds, rock the Bluetooth, whatever works for you. I'm doing it, but thats not enough... YOU need to be doing this too. Cause even if I'm rockin it handsfree and playing it safe, I still  have to worry about you. And I do worry about you in more ways than one.       

PS... heres another site devoted to safe driving.  http://www.distraction.gov/