Went to the movies last weekend. I go a lot. Besides music, I'm a wicked movie nut. So much that I have some serious movie theater pet peeves. I'm sure you'll agree with some. Check it out!

I guess when you're into something, when you're a fan and extremely passionate about something then you have your ways you like best. You're used to certain things. You like it your way. Nothing wrong with that! With those traditions also come pet peeves.

I love the movies. At home, on my iPAD, laptop and especially at the theater. I just love the heck out of movies. Probably like most or all of you I've been watching them since I was a little kid. With that comes some prefered ways. Here's just a few pet peeves/suggestions to help make my movie experience the way I need it to be. Please take notes so you can help me and hey, this really could help you too! My way might actually be the way you like things. So we all win here really!

I guess people get caught in traffic and things get held up sometimes, but dude, if the movie has already started just come back another time. I personally don't like walking into a movie after its started. Thats just me. I don't want to miss anything cause I like movies so much. On top of that, if I'm in my seat and you're showing up 10 minutes into the movie handful of popcorn and treats looking for seats, slow walking, studying the scene too hard cause the darkness messes with your eyes; thats just flat out annoying, no? The real kick in the junk is when these people decide to head your way and they land in your zip code. I know its picky, but again, these are my pet peeves here. If you're not on time, try another time! Trust me its good for you too. They could show you that it was the butler who did it in the first 5 minutes!

Cellphones, hey we all have them! It seems basic intelligence levels would lead most people to turn their ringer off at the start of the movie, but you'd be wrong in thinking thats the way it works. Nothing more awesome then being 15 minutes into a flick and all of a sudden some silly 80's song like "The Safety Dance" or some bumpin tune like "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg blasts out as someones ringtone. SHUT IT OFF. Have some smarts. This of course is coming from a guy who leaves his phone on vibrate 24/7 anyways, but still.

Also, a movie is going on. Enjoy! Treat yourself to some escapism! Stop the texting for two seconds. I say that for your benefit... well, and for mine too. Cause when you fire up that smartphone its like a foglight blasting in your face cause you're in a dark theatre! Simple solution, text low. Thats all! Low baby, low. That way you can still tell your girl "totes nothing, i'm just at the movies" Or make sure your boy knows, "damn I've gotta dump him off my fantasy team before Sunday" without blinding moviegoers.

We all love snacks at the movies. Its part of the fun. Prepare a bit though with your snacks. No one wants to hear a dance troop on a floor of bubble wrap when you open those twizlers or Sour Patch Kids. Pop that bag during the previews so that when you want a Mike & Ike or whatever during a dramatic scene, we don't have to hear your hurricane of rudeness.

My #1 movie pet peeve.. location location location! I'm not a big fan of going to movies during the hot times; Friday or Saturday nights. I'm not a big fan of crowds in places like restaurants, stores or movie theatres. I just likes my space is all! I go by myself to the movies most times. I usually go to weekend matinees or sometimes during the week (doing a morning show on the radio allows for cool opportunities like that). Many times, I hit movies when theres barely anyone in the room with me. Pretty sweet. Theres always someone though...

When you walk into a WIDE OPEN movie theatre with many, many seats to choose from in so many spots; why would you ever, EVER, EVER sit close to someone else? I gotta say thats one of the top most annoying things in life. Give me some space! Take some space for yourself! We have this whole damn room to ourselves! I kid you not I've been at shows with less than 10 people in the entire joint where people still sit right front of me, directly behind me or two seats over. Out of 300 seats, you have to sit within one or two seats from me? Really? I say this in the kindest way possible, cause I'm not a mean person at all; but to be like that and sit that close to someone with 296 other seats open... i think there is something wrong with you. Seriously. Sorry. Just the way I feel. I'm sure most of you don't mean to do it, but think next time. Space is good! Its there for all of us! Its the final frontier! Lets enjoy it when we can. Especially on a Sunday at friggin' noon!

I'll close with a final one. I have more, but I probably already sound like a real pisser here today I'm sure, sorry. This ones for the theaters themselves. We all understand how movie business goes. Theaters don't make a ton off the movies themselves. Thats why we pay $14 for a soda. Thats cool, we can live with that. We plan for it. Everyone needs to make a buck. Lets watch how we make it though.

Previews? We love previews! It gets you to come back to the theater. It gets you fired up about movies and gives you something to talk about and tell your friends. We love previews so keep em coming! I do not however think we need to see nine commercials for coca-cola, the army and Fandango AFTER we watch lame trivia questions a child could answer for 20 minutes. Hey, I love Coke, getting movie times and of course what our folks in the military do for us, but we go to the movies to get away from TV and from normallcy. We're lucky we have the chance to do it too. Pushing commercials seems unfair. Its good ol' american business, but you're hurting the experience of your product a bit. If that means anything to you. I went to see The Hobbit last week which is already a long ass 2 hour and 40 minute movie. It turned into 3+ hours at least after previews, commercials and the goofy reminder to throw my stuff in the trash can on my way out.

Anyways, if we can work on these things that would be greeaaaat. Mmkay? For now, lets go get ourselves a treat!