The ski mountain located in Greenwood, Maine announces plans to include several new trails including a race course. 


Facebook via Mt. Abram


According to the Sun-Journal, Mt. Abram is planning on undertaking their largest trail expansion in more than 30 years. Mt. Abram submitted plans to the Department of Environmental Protection outlining a series of different construction projects the mountain would like to begin immediately.

General Manager Dave Scanlon sent out a press release stating that Mt. Abram is "focusing on ways to improve the ski and snowboard experience, making sure the mountain is keeping up with the evolution in the way people ski and snowboard the mountain".

That statement was followed by a variety of announced improvements which include Mt. Abram's first ever dedicated racing training course. The training course will be helpful to high school ski teams as well as decongesting the mountain on busy weekends. The second new trail will be an expansion of the ski run Egomania.

Mt. Abram also outlined other construction plans including connector trails for the bottoms of several mountains at the ski area as well as plans to establish multiple new advanced/expert ski trails on the mountain's upper west side.

For full details on all the expansion news, check out this Sun-Journal article.

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