Trying to be more active this fall? If you're into high adrenaline outdoor adventures that involve various balls (stay with me here) then you've gotta check out V-Town Paintball in Vassalboro.

V-Town Paintball & Knockerball

V-Town Paintball offers paintball courses and parties for beginner and experienced levels. If the idea of running around and getting fired at by air-marker guns with your pals excites you, V-Town paintball has reservations open for groups of all sizes. Paintball is becoming a super popular even for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and even bachelorette parties.

If you'd rather try your hand with a different type of ball, V-Town Paintball just added a collection of Knockerballs to their toy box. Knockerballs are basically big plastic balls with a bungee system inside that allows you to wear the ball over your shoulders. Then, you run at other players wearing knockerballs and that's where the fun begins.

V-Town Paintball & Knockerball

V-Town has booked Knockerball parties for company outings. Can you imagine charging at your boss in a giant plastic ball and sending him flying?

Sure, you could go apple picking or visit a pumpkin patch, but what about something little more exciting like paintball and knockerball at V-Town Paintball & Knockerball?