Perhaps the craziest guess in game show history. Damn good guess too cause it scored this guy an extra $45k in the bonus round.


Like they say, leaving an answer blank gets you no points. So answer everything even if you have to guess! That S.A.T. rule stuck with this guy it looks like!

I haven't watched Wheel of Fortune since the 80's and even then it was mostly to watch Vannah White. Hey, I was a teenager having teenage thoughts! Anyways, even in current times watching this clip, it's still hard to still focus on the letters to her left.

Back to the story though, Pat Sajak said in a Tweet yesterday that this was the "..most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding". He'd probably right. With only two letters this guy solves the puzzle. He pulled the amnswer out of his ass, but still, it counts! Whats a baby buggy anyways? That a fancy new smartphone/tablet/wi-fi way of saying carriage?

Watch this legendary game show hail mary right here .....