A 40-year-old man from Manchester was arrested Sunday after he set his own car on fire to avoid being towed.


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According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, 40-year-old Shad Badeau really didn't want his car to be towed from a parking lot (where he had allegedly illegally parked). So rather than watch his car be hauled away, he decided to set it on fire. Yes, HE SET HIS OWN CAR ON FIRE.

The tow truck operator then dropped and unhitched Badeau's vehicle and called Manchester police. When officers arrived, they promptly arrest Badeau and charged him with arson. For what it's worth, within in police notes, it appears Badeau put out the fire he started, maybe having second thoughts about setting his own vehicle ablaze.

Police have not stated what the exact motive for Badeau to set his own car on fire was, other than just not having it be towed away. Police maintain that the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges could be filed. Hot day in ManchVegas.

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