How's that for a headline? A new species of marsupials have been discovered in Australia and New Guinea and they're endangered. These are small animals resembling a mouse. A news release came this week from Queensland University of Technology that the Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus is threatened by climate change and loss of habitat.

To make matters worse, the male antechinus is not only a deadbeat Dad (read on, you'll get it) but it's not helping the population problem. It's known for literally screwing itself to death. These frenzied and suicidal creatures will whore themselves all over to mate with as many females as possible.

Dr. Andrew Baker told the Australian Broadcast Company "They'll bleed internally, they have ulcers, their fur falls off in patches, sometimes they're stumbling around blind and still trying to mate."

Scientists are currently on task to get them placed on Australia's federal threatened species list. They sometimes have sex for 14 hours straight, I could think of worse ways of going out, I suppose! Cute litter buggers, aren't they?