Pizza Hut just took dinner and a movie to a new level! 

Pizza Hut just took dinner and a movie to a new level! 

So, pretend you're home and the power is out. You and your little sweetie want to make a silly romantic fun time out of it. You want dinner AND a movie, but you ain't go no power. So, your order up one of Pizza Hut's new Projector Box pizzas.

They deliver to your front door. You open up and chow down. Clear out the box. In the middle, the circle piece, foot rest thing is your lens. You pop the hole out in the side and place the lens in there. I know you're saying, I don't want no cheese or anything on my $1200 smartphone. Don't worry. You grab the little plastic piece from the middle and you can stand your phone up with it. The movie shoots out your phone through the lens and on to your wall or TV screen even. Pretty cool right?

Or maybe you're at work grinding it out late or finishing a project and it's time to break there's no TV's AND you're hungry. WHAAAMY!

Or maybe you have the Pizza delivered to the back of your place on the porch and you watch that flick on a sheet on your clothes line with your cutie pie. Nice right?

Still not getting it. Well, maybe this video will help you visualize things much better!