The Portland City Council unanimously voted to approve a festival in Portland on August 9th that celebrates medical marijuana.


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According to the Portland Press Herald, the festival will be called the New England Cannabis Farmers Market Festival, with organizers expecting to bring cannibis growers together with people who need medical marijuana. Organizers also made it clear that no alcohol or marijuana would be used during the event. It's set to take place at Deering Oaks part on August 9th from 9am to 7pm. There's also an expectation that there will be live music and food vendors on site. Nearby residents expressed their concern and laughed off the idea that there would be no smoking of marijuana at the festival, but the City Council still went forward with a positive vote. Here's the entire Portland Press Herald article for more details.


So what about CYY peeps? Are you going to check out the medical marijuana festival this summer?