Good morning kids! Guess what? The Portland School Board voted last night to lengthen the school day for ALL Portland students by 20 minutes each day. Elementary and Middle school students get to start their day 20 minutes earlier while high school students get to hang out 20 minutes later each day. These longer school days will go into effect starting this fall.


HOT TAKE: I love when Portland just ups the ante on other cities. It's legit telling Scarbrough, South Portland, Lewiston/Auburn, Bonny Eagle and anyone else who will listen that Portland kids will be 46 hours smarter now. They might as well send out a press release that says, "our kids go to school longer than yours, this is why we have nice things and you don't". Bravo Portland, I knew there was a good reason i pay $1500 a month to live in this beautiful city.

Here's Portland delivering the news to other cities. (in visual form)