Man, the restaurant game around here is no joke! There's always some moves happening. This time though, the move isn't the restaurant's decision.  

El Rayo

Feel free to read the full story here, from our friends at the Portland Press Herald


It's a bummer cause one of the great things about the Portland El Rayo is that location! The old gas station. Outdoor seating just outside the hustle of mid town and right around the corner from the West side. The bridge, the water close by and the soft lights... The setting there is one of Portland's best restaurant settings. Was. Our amigos at El Rayo are now on the move unfortunately. BUT... the restaurant is cherished by so many in and out of town, that a new location is a must and we look forward to their re-launch down the line!

Until then, their Scarborough location is KILLING it out on Route 1. I personally never thought the old Cumberland farms would be the right location for that great restaurant, but damn if they're not making a go of it! The place is always busy when you drive by, which goes to say, El Rayo is a beloved place to eat no matter where they set up shop.