Memories are always made around prom time. Some are good and happened according to plan. Other memories, well, stuff happens! 

When making your big entrance.... maybe be downstairs already.

Always watch out with the arts & crafts unless you have mad skills!

This guy on his dirt bike hoped to speed up to his girl, who's driving in the PT Cruiser and hold up a banner. This is just an awful and dangerous idea even before he puts on that silly suit.

Ok, this girl is pretty friggin lame. After laughing WAY too long, she asks "we're you serious?". Don't worry dude, she wasn't worth taking. "we're you serious?" Lame response after 10 minutes of foolish laughing. She think she's a school queen in a 80's John Hughes movie or something. Pfffft. Whatever. Roll on dude! Roll on!

Don't try to big all cool when dancing at the prom. Most times it doesn't end well. Ok, at least don't breakdance or do professional backflips. THAT should at least be obvious.