Rashad Charjuan Owens is the suspect responsible for the death of two innocent people at South By Southwest on Tuesday night in Austin, TX. Lives were lost and many were injured, some in critical condition, all because this man wanted to escape from cops after being pulled over.

This one hits home for me in a couple of areas. One, I had an encounter with a truck last June that could've taken my life. Secondly, I was present at a bar called Mohawk just two nights before this event happened. I was hangin' out, watching live music and having a great time like everyone else at SXSW. Mohawk is located on Red River Street, just outside from where this horrific event went down on a closed off street packed with pedestrians. You can see the bar off in the distance on the left hand side in the pic below. Owens has a string of previous convictions. Click here to read more.