Karen Middleton Photography

"When are you guys doing the food truck party again?!" has been a popular question over the past month or so as the weather has been warming up. May 14th is the date and Thompson's Point is where it's going down! Expect live music, Gritty's Beer, Tito's Vodka drinks and of course plenty of local and visiting food trucks.

Early birds get the beer with this one (and they save themselves a few bucks too.) Tickets in advance are only $10 and include a beer voucher. You last-minute-Larry's can come too but the day-of price will be $15 and no beer voucher. See where I'm going with this? Get 'em now!

We'll have our CYY house band Hello Newman back again playing all of those awesome 90s, early 2000's CYY tunes. The Southern City Band will join us this year as well. They are group of young and talented musicians from the Berklee College of Music.