According to the Portland Press Herald, the video above was shot during was shot back in April of 2015 from Maine State Trooper Douglas Cropper's dash cam. The video initially shows cropper pulling over the driver for excessively speeding in South Portland, however the traffic stop quickly transforms into a life saving event.

The stunning scene unfolds when Trooper Cropper doesn't receive a coherent response from the driver upon receiving a speeding ticket. Cropper continuously tries to wake the man by yelling his name as well as physically moving him. The trooper then moves into action, realizing a potentially life threatening situation is happening.

As the video progresses, you'll see an emergency room nurse, identified as Leon Chick, stop and begin to help Cropper. Eventually paramedics arrived on the scene, administered Narcan, and began to regain lucid consciousness.

This video initially was brought to light by the Portland Press Herald. Thanks to Reddit, it has gotten a second batch of attention. Cropper and Chick deserve recognition for their fast responses. It also serves as a chilling reminder of the current heroin epidemic the state of Maine is suffering from.

You can read the entire Portland Press Herald article about the incident and video here.