O'Chang Comics have done it again with the 4th (and longest) episode in the Temp Tales series. Stahmageddon was released on Saturday, the day after a premiere party at Speakeasy in Rockland, Maine. There were people waiting outside to see the new episode. It hit capacity for each showing, unfortunately leaving some fans to have to wait until the next day to watch it on YouTube.

O'Chang Comics have spent countless hours putting together yet another hilarious episode, inspired by Mainers! Stahmageddon is a deer hunting story that will certainly hit home for Mainers, especially this winter season, as it focuses on the "monster storm from hell."  Big thanks to Atom and Hanji for giving me my own role in the episode. I got to play..........you guessed it...

O'chang Comics

Check out the new episode "Stahmageddon."