Last year we made a phone call to BDS and asked them if they could do some research and send us and Excel file of the 500 most played songs ever on CYY. I knew records went back at least a decade but I wasn't sure beyond that. Stephanie paused for a minute and replied with "I think that can be done." A few hours later, I had the list in it's entirety.

I often get asked how a list like this can be compiled legitimately. If you're familiar with the Nielsen Ratings, it's sort of like that. In fact, the service we use called BDS, is actually owned by Nielsen. BDS stands for Broadcast Data Systems. It tracks radio airplay from thousands of radio stations around the country, and then compiles weekly charts.

We had a blast doing it last year, you guys loved it too. We hit them up for an updated list and we're gonna do the whole countdown the same way as last year. Well minus the part where I get run over by a box truck.....hopefully.

We'll spin them back weekdays from 9-5 until we hit #1 sometime Friday afternoon....or evening perhaps.

Comment below or on the WCYY Fan Page on Facebook with your guesses on the #1 song on the #CYY500

Will this classic party anthem remain at #1??