Each Wednesday, Maine's talented musicians get together for a friendly competition called The Clash. It happens every week at Empire Dine in Dance in downtown Portland. The synopsis is musicians form bands for the night and perform the music of that specific band. At the end of the night, the winner is chosen by crowd applause. For example, a few battles this season have included Pearl Jam vs Stone Temple Pilots along with The Clash vs The Ramones.

This past Wednesday's Guster/Dispatch Clash was a little different as now Portland resident Adam Gardner from the band Guster and co-founder of Reverb joined the Guster Clash band to perform several songs.  The crowd was happily surprised to say the least. Dominic and the Lucid held it down as the Guster band.


Guster fans, be on the lookout for a new album in the fall. Also, three live albums coming soon as the band performed their albums "Parachute", "Lost and Gone Forever", and "Keep It Together" in their entirety at different locations.

Adam from Guster, with Rob, and photo bomb by one Matt Cosby