Familiar with the talented Jamie Costa? He does the best impression of Robin Williams that will ever be and has a few other characters up his sleeve. See for yourself. 

Jamie Costa is an actor and writer. He's become a VINE star with his impressions and if you see his demo reels, it's probably not long before he gets calls for some serious Hollywood roles. The dude is super talented. 

It's one thing to sound like someone, but to kinda look like them and have their mannerisms down cold... that's a gift. If there is ever a movie about Robin Williams or in need of a person playing that part - it would be an injustice to not have Costa play the part. He could almost pass for Williams' son really. 

But don't take my word for it... see for youself!


Oh wait, he does a pretty good Harrison Ford too. Check out the smirk!



Recently, Costa grouped some extra characters together in a Lord of the Rings type conversation.


Anyone interested in hiring Costa to star in a dramatic film, here's his demo reel!