Being in the radio biz, I've met a lot of musicians. Typical scenario's are conducting an interview before a concert or maybe bump into someone backstage before or after a show. Back in August of 2012, it was a bit different. I was at Brian Boru having a couple with some friends before the M83 show. I ran into my friend Patty who nonchalantly introduces me to her cousin Daniel who's in a band. I, of course, introduce myself and ask what band he's in. He responds "I'm the drummer for Imagine Dragons." Now I'm confused, why the hell is a dude from a rock band from Vegas standing next to me at a bar in Portland. Turns out he has family here. "It's Time" was blowing up and beginning to make a name for the band. I just remember saying "nice to meet you man, we're playing you're song in heavy rotation on the station I work at!" He was aware and very thankful. A few weeks after, a show was booked at the State Theatre with Imagine Dragons opening for AWOLNATION.  I just remember watching their performance that night and saying to myself, these guys are gonna be huge. The songs are great and the audience was sucking it right up. Here they are performing "It's Time" from that show on 9/10/12.

It's been fun watching this band explode over the past year, and up for all these awards, they definitely deserve it.  If they play the game right, I can see them having some longevity. They lead the nominees in the rock department at the American Music Awards this Sunday.

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