True or false, this pic is me kickin' it with Mackelmore? True or false, Mackelmore had a couple of the most 'Shazamed' songs of the year?

Ok, so that's not Mackelmore but it certainly could be. The real Mackelmore, however, had TWO of the most Shazamed songs of the year with his right hand man, Ryan Lewis. Good chance you're familiar with Shazam by now. If not, now you will be. Although it hasn't been popularized until the past couple of years, it's a service that's actually been around since 1999. It's a mobile phone app that actually gathers a sample of music from the built-in microphone in your cell device. To sum it up, if music fans hear a song they like and want to know what it is, Shazam allows them to do that.

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