Back in 2006 when we gearing up for the CYY Holiday Bizarre at the Cross Insurance Arena (then Cumberland County Civic Center), I was prepping to chat with all the bands performing that night. Nonpoint, Flyleaf, Stone Sour and Disturbed. I was honestly a bit nervous to talk to Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, I wasn't sure what to expect. My only previous encounter with him was backstage at a Slipknot show in 2001. He was in full gear, mask and all. Us staff were getting ready for a photo with him and the band. I went up said hello to him....he growled at me. I never forgot that.

With that in mind five years later as he comes into the studio with the record rep and a coffee, he couldn't have been more different that I had originally thought. He was hilarious! I think I had five or six questions for him. It turned out to be a hilarious fifteen minute hang session on the radio. I interviewed him again up in Bangor a couple of years later and then again in 2013 (in the video link below.)

Somehow this man has become my absolute favorite person to interview. He's so funny and he's so real, not to mention intelligent and talented. In the interview below we talked about:

His involvement in Dave Grohl's Sound City project

  • Our mutual love for Rick Springfield. Yes, Corey Taylor is a fan of 80s hit maker Rick Springfield. Who knew?
  • Why he never stops working
  • What he thinks is disposable music