It was an honor meeting this guy backstage at the State Theatre last year.

54 year old Weird Al Yankovic has been releasing music since 1983. Whether it's taking someone else's song and making it his own as a parody or coming up with his own tunes, he's been making people laugh since 1983. He does it well on his albums, on stage and in the movies. Hey, UHF may have flopped at the box office back in '89, but me and my demented sense of humor loved it!

Al took a solid promo approach this time around with the new album "Mandatory Fun." He released a new video everyday leading up to the albums release. Included are:

Foil (originally performed by Lorde as "Royals")


Inactive (originally performed by Imagine Dragons as "Radioactive")


Al recalls the phone call he had with Kurt Cobain when he called him up to ask thoughts on a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."


Here are some other CYY tunes that turned into Weird Al Yankovic songs:


VH1's Behind The Music on Al was a nicely done in depth documentary on his start, being single almost all his life, the sudden death of his parents and his rise to the top.