Joining the Maine craft beer empire, Westbrook looks to become a destination by approving the opening of the Mast Landing Brewery.


According to the Portland Press Herald, the city of Westbrook is looking to throw its hat into the ring of successful southern Maine business ventures, approving its first brewery to be opened, Mast Landing.

Mast Landing Brewing Company will occupy the space at 920 Main St. in Westbrook. That space previously housed Atlantic Limousine Company. The location is an active hub with traffic passing through from Gorham, South Portland and Portland.

As the Portland Press Herald details in their article here, Mast Landing Brewing Company was initially named for a spot in Freeport, where the company started. Their beers are all named with a nautical theme in mind, including their signature brew, the Tell Tale Pale Ale. The move from Freeport to Westbrook was a necessity and opportunity to move closer to Portland and become Westbrook's first craft brewery.

Mast Landing Brewing Company plans to be open by late January. They also plan on having a tasting room that will feature their newest beers, some of which have never been sold to the public before. Their tasting room will be open Fridays and Saturdays only to begin with, as the company continues to grow. Congratulations to Mast Landing!