Break ups are a part of life for the majority of people. But some people suck at it, whether its timing or how it's done. Here are some horror stories.



So the Huffington Post recently put out an article where some people shared their worst break up stories ever. The article includes 18 horror stories of varying degree, but here are just a few highlights, or lowlights depending on your perspective.


1. The Ol' April Fools Day Joke Break-Up, Until You Realize It Wasn't A Joke...And Have To Ask If This Is Really Happening

JD's Take: April Fools Day should be pretty played out when you're an adult, unless you have an AMAZING prank. I don't think this qualifies.

2. Got Dumped Right Before A Job Interview

JD's Take: Double whammy on this one. Breaking up already sucks the bag, but if it's a bad one or the other person doesn't see it coming, doing it before a major job interview is cold dude. It's like saying "hey no love life for you...and by the way, no career either"

3. Dumped On The Plane Ride Home From Orlando Because "They Couldn't Bring Themselves To Do It On Disney Property"

JD's Take: I love Disney so in some weird way I get this. It's the happiest place on Earth and you can't ruin that. I probably would have waited until after the plane ride though, because damn dude.

4. They Arranged With Their Superintendent To Stage A Fire At The Building They Were Living In, And Then Immediately Started Blocking My Calls And Texts

JD's Take: Not sure you'd even want to date this person to begin with. This seems like an overly elaborate plan for a break up, especially when you consider the involvement of the superintendent. Better to get out now before you end up on a new episode of Dateline.


Read the rest of the terrible break up stories here or share your own. What kind of shady way has someone cut ties with you?