Not sure this cat's going anywhere with his performance here. And hey fellas keep your eyes on the cat you dirty bastards! 

Ok this is wacky bananas right here. This cat ain't goin' nowhere! This lady slappin' him around prob isn't helping matters either.



Cats. Cats, cats. They're on their own aren't they? They do what they want, when they please. You can't tell s--- to a cat. They aren't listening to you, deal with it. You'll get what they give you and that's it pal!

Cats aren't going let you in on anything. They're like spy ninjas. Moving fast and acting all sly. They'll steal your ATM pin number and you can't do nuffin about it. They hang around during important and PRIVATE phone calls without you asking them to attend. It's their world, we're just living in it. face it. Cats call the friggin' shots wherever they go. This cat sure does here and I'm not sure it's gonna help his relocation process at all.