We've all seen the throwback picture of the brace-faced, Goosebumps reading, slightly to very much awkward "Ermagherd" girl. But what else do you know about her and the rise of one of the most popular meme's of all time?

At first when you saw her admit it, you were look, "WHO IS THIS KOOKY KID?"

"Is she for real?"... "What the hell does that say... Er, Mer, What?"

What casually started on Reddit by a 16 year old from Alberta, then assisted by a former fraud specialist from Seattle and inspired by a character in South Park, has become one of the most popular memes on the internet of all time. Maybe you've even tried to meme it yourself. And the funniest thing is the actual girl had no idea about any of it... until she was on a journey going through a place known as Hampi, Karnataka just past India and stopped into an "Internet Cafe".

(sidenote: you see kids years ago, like way back in 1998, before all this Wi-Fi and smartphone thing was going crazy all around us and easy to find; people had to go to special places to use the inter-webs. Places like the Library and these odd spots called Internet Cafe's, which sometimes had or didn't have any coffee items. You went to get connected more than caffeinated).

Anyways, Meet Maggie Goldenberger!