Who needs a boring old red lobster, when you can catch a blue one!

Harrington is a quiet, and quaint little Maine town in Washington County. It is the kind of place you might see in a movie depicting our state. The population is roughly over 1,000 people. Harrington is an old seafaring and shipbuilding village. It is pretty quiet there, but every now and then something happens that throws these types of places into the spotlight.

What is the first thing people think of when Maine comes to mind? Usually, it’s either Stephen King or fresh lobster. Earlier this month, a Maine lobsterman caught the elusive and rare blue lobster. What are the odds of this happening? Oh, about 1 in 200 million is all. The blue lobster with white claws turned up at Harrington Lake earlier this month.

Though blue lobsters have sold for as much as $500, these extremely rare crustaceans are often deemed too special to serve. Normally, most lobsters come in murky brown, dark green, or even deep navy blue colors. But every now and then, they are yellow, cotton candy pink, and bright blue.

We don’t know what happened in this particular instance, but many fishermen have released blue lobsters due to their dwindling population. In July of 2020, a Red Lobster restaurant in Ohio found one in their product supply and promptly sent it to a local zoo.

Although this is a rare occurrence, over the years there have been a few blue ones caught by folks.

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