Portland, Maine, is home to some of the best food in the entire state, which makes it hard to narrow down where to go for grub.

We have so many options that are brand new and worth the try, and old favorites that have stood the test of time and for good reason.

When it's time to sit down with friends over a meal or grab food to go to binge watch your favorite show at home, it can feel impossible to know the right spot to go.

Do you go to your usual spot and order what you know you like, or branch out and try something new you've heard the locals raving about?

Specifically, where would you go in Portland for the best bowl of mac 'n' cheese?

Best Mac 'N' Cheese in Portland, Maine 

I am here to help you out with that very question.

Mac 'n' cheese is one of those things where you can never really have a bad bowl of it, kind of like pasta or pizza.

But, when it's good, it's damn GOOD.

We asked our listeners on Facebook what their favorite spots in Portland are for the best mac 'n' cheese and I've compiled their answers together so we can all have a nice list to refer to when it's time to get a bowl of cheesy macaroni goodness.

These are the restaurants around town where locals say they get their favorite bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

Did your favorite make the list? Where's your go-to spot?

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