For the second time in 2022, Shaw's supermarket has announced the closure of one of their stores in Maine. Back in January, Shaw's decided to close their Westbrook location. That was viewed as more of a procedural move with a new Market Basket store stealing away eager customers. But now, Shaw's has announced the closure of their Scarborough location, seen as more of surprise than a foregone conclusion.

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According to News Center Maine, Shaw's assessment of their store at 417 Payne Road showed a lack of success and an even bleaker future outlook with the impending opening of Maine's first CostCo. With those factors in mind, Shaw's decided it would be prudent to shudder their Scarborough location in the next few weeks and move on from the market.

Customers can expect Shaw's pharmacy to cease operations on Wednesday, September 21. The grocery store itself plans to close for good on or around Saturday, October 8. The closure will leave a large space in an absolute prime location between South Portland and Gorham. The space could be cut down into several retail units, or another big box store could view it as the perfect opportunity.

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