You don’t need to delve into the “unexplained” to be thoroughly entertained by the wildlife here in New England.

Sure, it’s fun to be tickled by tales of Bigfoot being captured on video, just going through a stroll here in the Granite State woods. Especially when you notice “Bigfoot” looks more like a naked Phoenix Suns Gorilla.

On the water, you’ve got the Gloucester Sea Serpent. But let’s be honest: if the ancient Serp were real, don’t you think it would’ve eaten one of the fearless athletes risking life and limb during the town’s annual Greasy Pole Contest?

And who can forget those pesky aliens? Whether they’re scooping up Musky Muscarella in Exeter, or behaving like freakin’ amateurs in the Berkshires, New Englanders are always suckers for a good alien tale. (Despite a couple states being shocking unprepared for a potential alien invasion.)

Perhaps the most fathomable tale is the Devil Monkey of Danville. In the weeks following September 11th, one New Hampshire town found itself even more on-edge when “rumors” of a monkey-like creature with fangs roaming backyards were confirmed by the town’s fire chief. (To this day, there is still no explanation – and nobody knows where it went.)

In modern times, however, factually proven animal events have given New England more than enough fodder. Bears seem to be the stars of the show, from raiding bakeries to stealing vans.

Then there’s the owl in New Hampshire that decided it had to attack a parrot – even if it meant repeatedly flying into the side of a house. And wait until you see where someone found a snake…

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