What would songs by the Foo Fighters and Greta Van Fleet sound like if they had some shred guitar solos? We have our answer, courtesy of 17-year-old YouTuber Jasmine Star.

The art of the guitar solo isn't nearly as dead as it was in the early 2000s (we all remember St. Anger, right?), especially with the wave of technically-minded metal bands who have been dominating the field of advanced guitar playing the last 15 years especially.

But within rock, the solo today still isn't quite as prominent as when Ritchie Blackmore would go on extended, 10-minute runs of dizzying notes and face-melting techniques onstage with Deep Purple and Rainbow in the '70s.

Bridging the gap is Jasmine Star, who ripped some truly inspiring solos over the latest songs from the legendary Foo Fighters and rising stars Greta Van Fleet, who appear poised to take rock's flaming torch and keep it aglow for decades to come.

Star selected the Foos' Medicine at Midnight track "Shame Shame" in the first video below, where she starts with a two-hand tapping lick and works in some sweep picking to really showcase her skills. No shame here!

On Greta Van Fleet's new song "Heat Above" off the forthcoming The Battle at Garden's Gate, Star deploys some tasteful string bends to start her hyper melodic solo, which never feels like she steps out of bounds, remaining firmly in Greta's wheelhouse rather than going off on a Steve Vai-like shred tangent. That string scrape sounds particularly nasty, too.

Watch both clips below and follow Jasmine Star on YouTube and TikTok.

Jasmine Star Shreds Over Foo Fighters, "Shame Shame"

Jasmine Star Shreds Over Greta Van Fleet's "Heat Above"

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