Greta Van Fleet has a new album, Starcatcher, on the way.

The follow-up to 2021's The Battle at Garden’s Gate arrives on July 21 via Republic Records. The LP's first single, "Meeting the Master," is available now.

You can see the full track listing, along with a new video for "Meeting the Master," below.

"'Meeting the Master' peers into an esoteric world heeded by the word of a wise teacher," the band said in a statement. "Sung in the voice of a devout believer, and eventual group exclamation, the song details the love these fervent followers have for their teacher and their firm belief in his vision. It's an exotic spiritual journey. A dark comedy that inevitably ends in chaos."

Guitarist Jake Kiszka said of the LP: "We didn't really have to force or be intense about writing, because everything that happened was very instinctual. If anything, the record is our perspective, and sums up where we are as a group and individually as musicians."

Keyboardist Sam Kiszka added: "When I imagine the world of Starcatcher, I think of the cosmos. It makes me ask a lot of questions, like, 'Where did we come from?' or, 'What are we doing here?' But it's also questions like, 'What is this consciousness that we have, and where did it come from?'"

Greta Van Fleet will appear at a handful of festivals this year, starting on May 5 in Atlanta. Starcatcher is available for preorder now.

Greta Van Fleet, 'Starcatcher' Track Listing
1. "Fate of the Faithful"
2. "Waited All Your Life"
3. "The Falling Sky"
4. "Sacred the Thread"
5. "Runway Blues"
6. "The Indigo Streak"
7. "Frozen Light"
8. "The Archer"
9. "Meeting the Master"
10. "Farewell for Now"

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