There's no shortage of local breweries in Maine, each with their own styles and flavors of beer.

But two local breweries have just made Paste Magazine's list for best beers of the decade.

And not just made the list but dominated with both breweries landing in the top 5 out of 50.

For this list the website looked at breweries that not only defined the beer scene within the past 10 years, as well as made contributions to the industry and were responsible for major innovations. They also had to know how consistent was the brewery during the decade, how strong is the brewery’s beer game today and how strong has it been throughout the decade, how important was the brewery to its local beer community and many other aspects of the breweries.

Coming in at number 8 on their list is Maine Beer Company in Freeport.

Paste Magazine says, "This is a brewery dedicated to approachability and the almost lost art of subtlety; one with confidence in its consumer to be able to tell that ingredients (hops included) exist in a beer without them being cranked up to maximum intensity all the time."

They mention Maine Beer Company's Mean Old Tom and say it's a Top 10 Finisher in their list of 67 of the Best Stouts.

Landing in the top 5, at number 4 is Allagash Brewing in Portland.

The website claims "Every time they put out a new beer, it feels like there’s a specific reason for it to exist. It feels like something that has been pored over and refined, sanded until smooth and inspected for perfection. Nothing feels haphazard, or trend-chasing. They are the most intentional of breweries."

Check out the full list here. And get your tickets for Portland On Tap happening all day at the Cross Insurance Arena January 25th, 2020.


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