For 45 years, Portland has been host to a celebration of food, entertainment, music and merchandise called the Old Port Festival. Rain or shine, the festival has drawn in thousands of people year-after-year, and turned the downtown streets of Portland into a one-day amusement park. But according to the Portland Press Herald, that will all come to end an end after the 46th Old Port Festival in June.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Portland Downtown, the organizers of the Old Port Festival, say now is the time to pull the plug on the event so that the organization can focus on other areas. Portland Downtown didn't give one specific reason why the Old Port Festival was being put out to pasture but would say it wasn't because of money.

Perhaps it's simply because Portland doesn't need the Old Port Festival to draw people to the city. Portland's tourism has skyrocketed in years, thanks to the burgeoning food, beer and retail scene, and the Old Port Festival may have worn out its welcome.

But there will be one more. Sunday, June 9th will be the 46th and final Old Port Festival. Knowing that it will be the last will likely draw more people in to say goodbye. Thanks for the memories Old Port Fest, it's been real.

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