When talking about music venues in the state of Maine, two typically come to mind. The first is the massive outdoor venue in Bangor, the Maine Savings Pavilion. The other is the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. Both venues host a wealth of concerts, plus many other events.

While these two facilities gain a lot of attention, there's another venue in the state that has slowly become one of the most popular spots to catch a show, especially when the weather is ideal. The venue in question is Thompson's Point in Portland.

Thompson's Point via Facebook
Thompson's Point via Facebook

Located just outside Portland's vibrant Downtown District, Thompson's Point was a long-forgotten industrial complex until about 15 years ago. That's when developers decided it would be a perfect spot to be Portland's next best entertainment center.

What followed has been an amazing redevelopment project that's seen breweries, distilleries, restaurants, museums, local craftsmen, green space, an ice arena, a circus gym, and a large stage take up the space. While some of these have come and gone, the stage, along with its summer concert series, continues to be a huge hit.

Since 2015, numerous major acts have hit the stage at Thompson's Point. From legends like Bob Dylan, Mavis Staples, and Phil Lesh to more local acts like the Ghosts of Paul Revere, the stage has seen a smörgåsbord of talent.

Thompson's Point via Facebook
Thompson's Point via Facebook

The music is also very diverse. There is literally something for everyone at the Point. Genres like rock, hip hop, house, folk, country, reggae, and jazz can all be found at this amazing outdoor venue. There's no music discrimination here.

The other amazing thing about Thompson's Point is the venue itself. You will enjoy sunsets, food trucks, short beer lines, and easy access to bathrooms. These are all things that are key to a good concert experience. Even if it rains, there's a large open-air shelter where you can hide from the storms. It really is a perfect experience.

While the 2022 outdoor concert season is dwindling down, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of bands that possibly are in future plans. Bands and artists that I think would be a great fit to play Thompson's Point.

NOTE: I have zero inside knowledge about who might be playing at the Point in 2024 or beyond. This is just a fun list of bands that are a great match to me. I also tried to keep the choices as realistic as possible. Taylor Swift and Aerosmith are not walking through that door. Anyway, you can see that list below.

What band or artist would you like to see play Thompson's Point?

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