We Are Surrounded By Great Venues

If you live in Southern Maine, New Hampshire, or even parts of Massachusetts, you know there are amazing venues here, including the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, even Bernie's Beach Bar is getting into the Live Music scene, but there is another venue in Mansfield, Massachusetts that you might not be as familiar with.

It Started Out As Great Woods

The Xfinity Center in Mansfield hit the scene as Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts in June 1986. Then it was the Tweeter Center in July 1999, the Comcast Center in 2008 and now the Xfinity Center since 2014, according to my memory and the Boston Globe. In fact, there have been a bunch of great performances at the venue of the years from all types of musical acts.

So Many Great Acts Have Graced The Stage

Everyone from Kenny Chesney to the Spice Girls has been at the Xfinity Center. Aerosmith has even lit up the stage over 20 times, according to an article from the Sun Chronicle.

Wikipedia also has a great list of some notable performances at the Xfinity Center, which you can see here.

What to Know About Going to Xfinity Center

If you plan on going anytime soon for the first time (or maybe for the tenth time), we’ve got 25 things to reveal to you for when you attend a concert there. Some of them might even surprise you, like the kind of water they sell inside the center.

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