There are a lot of pros to living in Portland, Maine. For instance, all of the unique restaurants and bars, the fun little shops, and, of course, the beautiful ocean views.

However, with those beautiful ocean views, also come some horrific smells if you happen to drive by at the wrong time. Smells that only a Mainer would immediately understand where it came from.

One of the worst examples you ask? Fisherman's Bait.

In fact, after asking a crew of Mainers what smells they immediately associate with this state when they fill the air, most said these three:

1. Fisherman's bait on the wharf
Once the temperature drops in Maine, especially Portland, you will always know by the smell of the air. The warmer temperatures essentially melt the bait as it's waiting for its trip out to see to catch lobster.

This smell, to me, is the absolute worst and makes me cringe every time. It feels like a bunch of rotten fish is coming at you through your air conditioner.

2. Low Tide
Since this state has a lot of waterfront businesses and housing, Mainers are no strangers to knowing when the air smells like low tide.

It's similar to the gross fishy smell from the wharf bait, but also has a different seaweed musk to it, that truly, only Mainers will understand what I mean by that.

3. Pine
This is literally true. Maine is the pine state. If you hike far enough into the many trails it has to offer, you will indeed smell pine.

See, Maine's not all that bad, there are some good smells too... kinda :)

Actually, speaking of the unique shopping experience in downtown Portland, you can actually buy candles with lots of "Maine smells" on them, mostly including Pine.

What is your favorite Maine smell?

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