Alright!  So a lot of people know where this is.  Three days ago, I put a picture up on CYY of some alfresco arte (aka graffiti) , that adorns a wall in a certain Portland locale. Found out the "locale" has a few more aliases than just the street name.Got a load of correct responses. The first to correctly identify the location was Scott Heidrich, a loyal CYY Freak.  The art is on a building on Gold Street, which runs behind the three buildings that front on Commercial...a pub, a Greek restaurant and a gift store.  Gold, Silver, Commercial and Pearl streets. The art is on the north end of 129 Commercial Street, where the pub is--note the clapboards on the second photo.

So,'re really working with us on this new CYY series.  Next Tuesday I'll put up another picture of some thing or some place in Portland, and see just how well you know Portland.



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