If you believe in good karma and good people, this is the story for you. A man named Nick Votta took to Facebook to share a pretty unreal situation that happened to him. He lost his wallet near 4 months ago while in downtown Portland. Inside that wallet, he had $160 worth of cash, credit and debit cards as well his only copy of his birth certificate. Upon realizing he lost his wallet, he searched for it with no success, believe it was gone. As it turns out, it wasn't.

When Nick checked the mail 4 months later, he was astonished to find his wallet inside a package delivered to his home. An anonymous stranger (known as Alli) found the wallet and returned it to him with all of the cash (minus 5 bucks for shipping), cards and birth certificate inside. Nick was so caught off guard that he took to social media to thank whomever the person was that decided to do the right thing and return his wallet.

This is the kind of feel good story that reminds us all that there are still plenty of kind people out there that are total strangers to us. Good karma to whomever returned this wallet, pretty wild story!

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