Well, fellow Mainers, the time has come again to hunker down by the fire with some hot cocoa (and maybe some Allen's, because, Maine) in preparation for the big Nor'Easter we're in for over the next two days. So if you end having up having Tuesday, or Wednesday, or both off from work or school, here are five spots in the Portland area to have some good old fashioned, non-technology-related snow day fun.

Eastern Promenade, Portland
Perhaps the most obvious on our list, the Eastern Prom has been a big sledding destination for city-dwellers for years. Just be sure you don't sled your way into Casco Bay!

Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth
For a sledding experience where you have to worry a little less about traffic, try Fort Williams Park. Its huge, open spaces and variety of hills vantage points make it just as popular in the winter as it is in the summer.

University of Southern Maine Campus, Gorham
Anyone wanting to relive their college days might want to make their way to the main USM campus in Gorham for their snow day activities. The one caveat? Having to actually hang out with college students.

Val Halla Golf Course, Cumberland
If you've ever dreamed of a Caddyshack meets Hoth type of sledding experience, look no further than Val Halla in Cumberland. There might be a little more running involved than on your typical hill, but if you're into exercise and can't get to the gym, it'll more than suffice.

South Portland High School Softball Fields, South Portland
While there may have been some cosmetic changes to this spot in the past few years, I can't bring myself to leave it out. It was my favorite spot when I was growing up, and I have many a fond memory of launching off the top of the hill, and accidentally plowing into my dad on his way back up.

There's my roundup of good sledding spots to make use of following Tuesday's storm. Dig out the car, exhaust yourself inflating that old ugly pink innertube you found down cellah, and have at it!

Did I leave your favorite out? Let me know in the comments!

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