It's officially the dead of winter in New England. This morning in Portland, the temperature was zero. That was the real temperature, not a "feels like" temperature. Historical weather data shows that the last couple of weeks of January have the lowest average high temperature of the year. The good news is that once we get through this period of time, it's all uphill from here. But in the meantime, we all need to take some steps to stay warm. Aside from some common sense practices, here are a few tips you may not have thought of, to help get you through these bitterly cold days:

Keep your feet warm

If certain parts of your body get cold, your entire body will feet cold. That includes your feet. Get some cozy slippers for when you're inside, and wear an extra layer of socks or add an inset to your shoes when going outside.

DIY hand warmers

You've probably seen hand warmers in stores, but did you know that you can make them yourself? Fill zip lock bags with water and calcium chloride ice melt pellets from the hardware store!

Keep your body moving

You might be less motivated to be active in the cold winter months. But remember, movement is the best way to keep warm. After all, it's your body that produces heat. The warm clothes trap that heat.

Bake more

Go ahead and bake more pies, cakes, and other treats. Keeping that oven going with help to keep your house warm! And that also leads to our next one...

Eat more

As your body works to produce heat, it needs more fuel. High fat snacks are good for you in the winter.



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