Those of us that have lived in Maine over the past 30 or 40 years have seen a lot of locally produced commercials on local TV for local Maine businesses. Those businesses have 30 seconds or less to get your attention and learn about their product or service, hoping you'll buy it. So gimmicks and memorable personalities are the keys to your wallet.

Local TV advertising in Maine is unique, especially when the owners and families become the stars. They aren't actors. They're real people, real Mainers, and it shows. Not in a bad way though. They're just, shall we say...unique?

Those that can pull it off stand out and will forever be engrained in our brains. They are local people that send a message so well, you'll never forget them or the product they are selling.

There's a long history of locally produced commercials in Maine that we'll always remember. The ones I've compiled here for you date as far back as the 1980s all the way up to the present day and only two of these businesses have closed or been sold.

No matter your age, if you've lived in Maine for most of your life, you'll likely remember all of these six locally produced TV commercials for Maine businesses that you can't forget because of the clever way they get your attention and leave an impression on you that you'll remember forever.

Let us know which one's your favorite or which when you remember the most.

5 Local TV Commercials That Mainers Can Never Forget

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