We all live busy lives, whether it's work messing up your schedule or just a social lifestyle that's throwing your eating schedule out of whack. Portland is known for it's incredible array of quality eateries, but most of those work on regular lunch and dinner hours. So if your stomach is growling past 10pm, where can you still grab some grub? Here are 6 of the best places in Portland to do so...


Boda is a sneaky delicious place to grab late-night plates are still 5-star quality. The restaurant and bar that specializes in Thai street food switches from a packed dinner menu to a lighter late-night one. But don't worry, it's still packed with tons of great options, including various meat skewers and a hearty helping of Pad Thai.


There are quite a few late-night pizza options around Portland that won't disappoint. But if you're still in a craft food mood after a craft beer buzz, OTTO is the only place that will that void. Pizza by the slice is available late-night and those slices aren't just limited to pepperoni and cheese. More please.


Taco Escobarr is known for their lighted ceiling and fantastically house-made infused cocktails. But does all the fun end late-night? Nah. If that tequila has caught up with you, Taco Escobarr runs a weekly late-night special where you can grab wings or nachos for just 5 bucks. Yum.


Nosh just keeps serving their menu throughout the late night hours, which means if you're in the mood for a Mac and cheese burger and some bacon dusted fries, there's hope for you yet. But Nosh's best kept secret is still their desserts, including a grown up rendition of Dunkaroos and a S'mores burger. Yes, you read that right.


Sebago Brewing Company has long been known for their late night happy hours. They'll knock a buck off of all pints of beer from 10pm on, and they offer up some of their signature apps for just $7 a piece. Oh, and if you're in a mood for a straight up burger and fries feeding, it'll run you $8 on their late night menu. Boom.



The Blue Rooster is Napoleon Dynamite's dream restaurant, a place that pumps out more tater tots on a Saturday night than school cafeterias do all week. They've got a wide variety of tots to satisfy your late night cravings, along with some hot dogs and sandwiches too. And if you can make it their before 1am on the weekends, you'll be that last call crowd to the counter.


There's more than just these six options to find some late night nourishment, but this gives you a great place to start. Your mother probably warned you to not stay out too late, but if you're going to, you should be well fed. Happy eating, Portland.

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