The final season of HBO's super-popular show Game Of Thrones is nearly here and for one restaurant in Brunswick, Maine, that means it's time to party. Enoteca Athena is hosting a Game Of Thrones brunch on Sunday, April 14th from 10am-2pm filled with GOT specialty menu items.

Shared on Enoteca Athena's Facebook page, the event promises that everyone will lift goblets of Strongwine in celebration of the final season of Game Of Thrones airing and then dine on menu items like Tyroshi Honey Fingers, House Tyrell's Cheese and Onion Pie, Iced Blueberries, Westeros Meat Pies and more.

Additionally, the restaurant is offering their brunch guests a chance to join their Game Of Thrones "death pool" for all of those characters (who are still alive) that you believe will be offed and who will be killed first. Rules and regulations will be provided the day of for the death pool.

And lastly, the restaurant would LOVE if guests dressed up in Game Of Thrones costumes for their themed brunch. If you can't spend your morning in Westeros on April 14th, might as well join a bunch of other people who wish they were there and enjoy a feast!

Enoteca Athena is located at 97 Maine Street in Brunswick.

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